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The Consistory is the executive body of this church. It is composed of the Pastor, three Elders and six Deacons. One-half of its members constitute a quorum. The Elders and Deacons are elected by majority vote cast at the annual church meeting. They will serve for three years. One Elder and two Deacons are elected each year. Individuals can serve two full three-year terms in succession. After serving two elected terms, excluding appointment by the Consistory, a member must remain off the Consistory for one year.

The Consistory shall meet at least once every month.

The Consistory will elect a President, a Vice-President, and a Secretary, and shall form such committees as will serve to further the purpose of the church.

Standing Committees:

  1. Worship
  2. Prayer/Memorial Garden
  3. Christian Education
  4. Parish Relations Committee
  5. Outreach - Fellowship
  6. Planned Giving
  7. Stewardship and Mission

The following standing appointments are made by Consistory

  1. Three church trustees, one each year for a three-year term
  2. Three cemetery board trustees, one each year for a three-year term
  3. Treasurer and Financial Secretary


bullet It is the duty of the president to see that the Secretary regularly calls all meetings of the Consistory, to open and conduct such meetings, and to see to the execution of all resolutions. He shall remind the pastor to announce all regular and special meetings of the Congregation. The president of the Consistory and the pastor are ex-officio members of all committees of the congregation and the Consistory.


bullet The Vice-President shall preside at all meetings of the Consistory when the President is not in attendance, and also when business pertaining to the President is before the meeting. He shall do all in his power to help the President and to make his administration easier.


bullet The Secretary shall keep a record of all transactions at the meetings of the congregation and of the Consistory, issue the call to all regular and special meetings of the congregation, and attend to all correspondence.

Elders and Deacons

bullet Elders and Deacons will assist and support the pastor in the spiritual affairs of the Church. They will provide the elements for the Lord's Supper and aid in their distribution. They will help with receiving the offering each Sunday. They shall have jurisdiction in matters of discipline except in the case of the Pastor. Elders and Deacons shall take heed to the High calling of their office, guarding faithfully all the spiritual interests of the Church, maintaining order in the house of God, visiting the sick, and ministering to the edification and comfort of all.