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Group Workcamps

Find more information about Group
 Workcamps by visiting their website
 at: Group Mission Trips

June 10, 2014
It is now set-up week and the sites for
 the camp are being visited to deliver
 paint and other small supplies and to
 double check that all the lumber is on
 site (delivered by Lowe's).  We
 anxiously await the arrival of the
 summer staff later this week, followed
 by the camp staff on Saturday, and
 then to see the campers arrive on

Summer, 2011-St. Paul's Youth are goin'
 on a field trip ... a Group Workcamps type
 of field trip ...  off to Youngstown, Ohio. 
 Support them in all ways possible;
 financially, with prayer, with words of
 encouragement.   The group numbers
 around 15 at this time .... Jim, Jess, and
 Terry are serving as the adult

 The St. Paul's UCC of Stoverstown youth

 (plus Joy and Mark) traveled to Bridgeton

 New Jersey in July of 2009 for their first

 Group experience.  It was a great



This group is planning to be part of the

 Group Workcamps again in the summer of

 2011 traveling to Youngstown Ohio.

We asked all churches in theYork

 Association to support the mission of

 Group Workcamps  in any or all of the

 following ways: 

  • Prayer Chain for the volunteers (and

  •  campers)

  • Mission Moments lifted up during

  •  worship times

  • Inviting speakers (steering

  •  committee and/or campers) to

  • share experiences

  • Monetary support

  • Budgeting for the workcamp in your

  •  church planning over the next

  •  several years

  • Solicit Individual pledges

  • Schedule Free-will offerings

  • Plan Youth Group fund-raisers

  • Help in identifying appropriate

  •  worksites (4 ½ days of work)

  • Help in creating “hospitality bags”

  •  for the workcamp participants

  • Volunteers to help complete any

  •  work not finished during the camp

  •  week

 Please contact any of the four individuals

listed below for more information:    

Austin Chinault -

Steve Kern -

Chip Hoover -



  Thanks to all who had a hand in

 the success of these camps!